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 why do some people react so spitefully?

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PostSubject: why do some people react so spitefully?    Sat Oct 02, 2010 5:11 pm

Some time ago I was in a cure institution. In the last week I met a mother (40)
in the stress management group.She must have been very frustrated.
In the middle of the course she shouted to the course instructor ... I think I am classed
wrongly here,I have quite different problems!!I cannot afford it to finance a stress
compensation (Sport) I'm unemployed ... and everything makes no sense ... I can also
take a rope.I must get out of here ... and she left the room crying.Then I watched
the reaction of the other mothers.and I must say totally bad !!
They started immediately to condemn the poor woman...
She does not want to work one must only endeavor.Terrible she talks about rope and she
has a two year old child.In all honesty,one could realize that this woman was desperate.
She felt at the moment everything as hopeless.I´ve believed her every word. As fast
other people put a stamp on someone!!! Although none knew the woman closer.
In the evening I contacted this unemployed woman and we spoke about her problems.
I noticed it was good for her to talk about it,to have someone to lend an ear.
It can be so easy to give a small great moment for other people,a little bit of hope.

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why do some people react so spitefully?
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