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 I don´t understand some people ...

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PostSubject: I don´t understand some people ...   Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:20 pm

Today is again one of these days where the famous drop the barrel bring to overflow.
My feelings are foaming over at the moment.(in my real world).
I don´t understand, why do the people have to make the life difficult for each other
that way,WHY?? Ooh I'm angry,I´m sad,I'm disappointed all at once!
No one shows understanding, no one has a nice word.

The people are so selfish and stubborn and do not further look as to see beyond one´s own
nose.Every man for himself!Certain people this one fawning again and again,play to one
incredibly nicely to be but talk behind my back.I am shocked and terrified again and again,
as underhanded and common the people around one can be.Sometimes I want to keep me away from certain people or ignore them to be not disappointed.Sadly, this is not always possible. I feel exploited and deceived as if someone would have rammed a knife in my back
while he forward turned to talk friendly with me about the weather.I am so tired of these intrigues!
Hypocritical,deceitful and bossy ... one fight really against windmills. It makes me „ILL“ being
surrounded by such people!
They stick their nose into matters do not concern them,fantasize together something,
distort the reality spreading lies and fairy tales.And for these people one also tears himself up
the butt (sorry) with the result,that it will not recognize what you all do and you still get a kick in the butt. What is going on in these people??? What people want to achieve ultimately the other people in deceitful ways bully? Determined attacks on the self-esteem?
Instead of arranging himself, they exercise might by driving permanent attacks of emotional type against her victim and this can break one at long last.
Thank you that I could blow off steam!Now I fell much better.
And sorry if I sounded something angry today,I was really rather angry!!!

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PostSubject: Re: I don´t understand some people ...   Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:13 am

Don't worry, nobody will judge you. I am sure that all of us have felt at least once the same way you described because of the malicious and ungrateful behavior of some people. I hope that you feel better now Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: I don´t understand some people ...   Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:33 am

Hi healtheworld,
nice that I get to know you!!Also nice that you have responded,thanks!!
If you can talk to someone that relieved immensely.

Yes I know,I am not the only one who has problems.Probably just my
nerves are over this long period have become thin. The attack from
weekend I have half-digested,yes.After that I had already endured
two new Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes If that came to my ears from the closer family
circle-this lies- it makes my wild.And it does simply not stop - never-
ending - story.I can nothing do about it,I can´t switch off somehow.
This makes the whole thing so complicated and endless.
Well, I have this "problem" living next door,so present around the
clock,you understand?!Therefore not possible to avoid the whole.
You notice,I speak again in rage. Mad
Once again thanks for replay and I wish you a beautiful monday
evening.I hope soon to read more from you Wink
I love you love speechless
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PostSubject: Re: I don´t understand some people ...   Sat Jul 17, 2010 4:38 am

hey speechie...unfortunatly there are people in this world who have nothing else better to do but to talk about others and most of them, what they dont know...they just make up. in a way ya gotta feel sorry for these type of people...because in reallity they must be missing something in their life...or they feel their life is so bad that they have to run someone else down to make them feel better about their life...who knows. but speechie ya got us who love ya Very Happy ya did the best thing and blew off your steam with people who care for ya....
love ya speech missed ya
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PostSubject: Re: I don´t understand some people ...   

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I don´t understand some people ...
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