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PostSubject: Family   Tue Jul 27, 2010 6:13 pm

What a family means to me...

A family can be of many different forms...through blood,relationships or through friends...through strangers coming together from all parts of the world...joining in a belief that turns into a remarkable bond, a friendship that begins innerly and emerges into a love for another human being for nothing more than a true feeling of togetherness... a connection from one soul to another. The family has begun....within a family of any form...respect is a key ingredient to an on going love in a family. Respecting each others pains, sorrows, happiness, ideas individualality and most of all never forget to show and tell them what they mean to you....one shouldnt have to ask "do you care" "will you be there"....it should be felt by being shown always...and it doesnt take much effort or time. so dear little family...i love you all...i do care and i will be there for ya all.
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