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PostSubject: frustrated   Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:03 am

Im so frustrated today...how why...isnt so clear. I guess watching to much what some ppl say and how they act...and then they go around spreading love after they just degrated someones elses beliefs...their words and their action dont go together...it confuses me to what they are trying to say. Do they say... i love you lets unite..BUT you have to believe just as i do....i dont see that as unity...that is dictating to others how to be. excuse mmeee but WTF!!! i believe this is what we are fighting against why we want unity amongst the people....Im frustrated because i feel my belief is starting to slip...and i want people so much to come together.....but at times i wonder how is this going to happen.... they got to get it right. they gotta stop seeing the world with only their eyes!!!!!!!!!!! they gotta look deeeper....i am not who i am because of the outside....that is not me....the me is in the inside...my soul...that is me. your choice to love me or hate me....if you choice to hate me....deal with it...if ya choice to love me...for the right reason...you will get the love 100 times more back...but love me for exactly who i am..and dont try and change me. The facts are there...it is not made up...we are all souls...coming from one god...i just want to wake people up to thaat....i dont want to change them... just wake them up to that fact we are all one...and that there is a God...i would not turn them away... because i know that fact that they are a part of me as i am them....i just need to make them realize that...without pushing them away. in which way they choose to come to that understanding is totally up to them....because it totally doesnt matter....just as long as they get there in the understanding....that we all come from one entity which means we are all joined all part of each other....so why are we all so against each other....because thats how some want it and ppl are allowing it. they believe the lies and they accept them as the truth....its easier to be told how things are than to actually figure it out for yourself.....but the fact is that becomes a very controled life when you allow others to think for you....ive been controled enough in life....i dont feel like it anymore.
hmmmm but i guess im still allowing it...if im allowing my belief to slip by others actions and words....just sometimes its hard not to let it get to ya.
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PostSubject: Re: frustrated   Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:09 am

People who act at this way are people with „two different faces“.
I also know some of them in my real life.
At them is talk and trade two different couple of shoes!!If you are surrounded
daily by such people it is damned heavy coping with that.If you dance after her pipe
you are the good one.But once you say no they talk badly behind your back.Oh,you
have met me exactly on the foot with that!With these people I have made my
experiences that way.But the life would not be much beautiful without intrigues,
without dispute without envy without hate?!Therefore I am always grateful for every
„real friend“ this one means it honestly.Sadly, I must state again and again they are
sowed rarely.
You said beautiful,expressed well:the me is in the inside!This meets
the nail on the head ! But many people do not sweep her innermost side
to the outside or allow so many proximity.Perhaps also of fear of being hurt?!

No no,why should you hate someone for his kind,for his inner one ?
Everybody is that way as he is!! Everybody has his own personality!!
And these are essential characteristics of everybody. Okay, some people you
like particularly,but that is no reason to treat others disrespectfully or even
hating. All of us are civilized people and each other should respecting
no matter which opinion or adjusting we have.Like other people deal with one,
that can fold one and be run down (oh yes,I know what I'm talking) through
this one behaves „differently“But probably not like these people want to see one!
We should circulate humanly, respectfully, considerately and dignifiedly with each
other :tolerant and peaceful ... is this so heavy? Each of us is a unique personality
with their own ideas from life.Even the Bible says:that every human life is unique
and in his difference the same respect earns.The inter-humanity should be a bridge
from human to human, a unity and therefore being human under people.
The way we deal with each other shapes the whole atmosphere and our whole

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PostSubject: Re: frustrated   Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:35 pm

my belief is still there...just sometimes it makes me so sad how people dont seem to care how they can hurt another human being...

Im a little late but i needed a little Sleep Sleep Sleep LOLOL Lots of love to you all...ill be back in 2 weeks maybe i will be able to stop by if i can find a internet cafe..which im sure i will LOL...

big hugs and lots of kisssssssssssssesssssssss
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PostSubject: Re: frustrated   

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