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 MJroad has 159 members and we only have 7

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PostSubject: MJroad has 159 members and we only have 7   Wed Jun 09, 2010 4:32 pm

"7" is a good number, but we need to get more. Right now I am feeling that we're all, by some means, speaking to ourselves. We need to get the system going, get the motor running.
I'll try my best, but I am slightly protective of this forum. Do not want there to be any chaos or another civil war here. You all know what this forum represent.
Hence, I want to be careful with who I invite here. This is why it's a slow process for me to get people to join. I have a few that has promised to join, however they seem to take their time.
So let us pray!

Ha ha, just joking. But let us at least try harder to get more people to join jocolor
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PostSubject: Re: MJroad has 159 members and we only have 7   Sat Jun 12, 2010 6:59 pm

Yes seriously we have to do something for that.
Ok because we are already few members and very few are active we need to share it
We need more ppl (serious ppl)to help us in that.
And i mean all ppl.Not only fans but anyone who want and feel ready to take part in that.
So please it's gonna be really important if each one of you copy-paste the forum link and share it..really.But be careful who you invite.I think you know what we are trying to say...

We need and we have to.We can't keep talking inside the forum while outside there we know what it's going on.
We need plans.We need ppl that are ready to fight for freedom.Not physical fight.But to fight for love freedom and justice.
To try to save the world before it's too late.So we are here again all together to put an end in all that.Just believe in your inner-powers and nothing it's impossible.
And beside that those persons are like us(humans)The only different is that we are the good one and they are the bad one.Nothing more.
They have power because we gave them the right to have it.(years before)
But we are MANY more in front of them.We only need to get together and fight.

Ps ''Right now I am feeling that we're all, by some means, speaking to ourselves''
@ Joker I'm still laughing!!!.I had to take a break before writing my post...geez-.-

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PostSubject: Re: MJroad has 159 members and we only have 7   Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:14 am

Unity needs respect for each other, communication between each other, truthfulness, love for each other without any fakeness of how one is...and acceptence for how each individual is and working together as a whole and not just each doing their own things....no deceiving, no games. Really coming together as a whole unit...to unite.
I think youtube is one of the best ways to get this forum out to people..but we have to work on our youtube accounts to have more friends...but with the same interest and ideas. Same with twitter....its not just about tweeting it so that everyone can see it....but tweeting it to the people that it would mean something to. just my opinion.

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PostSubject: Re: MJroad has 159 members and we only have 7   

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MJroad has 159 members and we only have 7
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