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 I see you

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PostSubject: I see you   Tue Jun 08, 2010 4:45 pm

My light in darkness breathing hope of new life. Now I live through you and you through me Enchanting I pray in my heart that this dream never ends” To become one with Nature… it is our light in the darkness…it gives us life and we live through it as it lives through us….we are one in one. Without nature we would scese to exist. “Your life shines the way into paradise So I offer my life as a sacrifice I live through your love” Nature offers so much to us love, serenity, life…in return we should offer back our love to protect it and keep it safe….live through its love as one. “You teach me how to see All that’s beautiful My senses touch your world I never pictured Now I give my hope to you I surrender I pray in my heart that this world never ends” To stand in the midst of nature and take in all its magic, to see and feel it….you fall in love with its beauty and you keep that hope that we will not let it be destroyed to bring all what is, to an end….because if it should all die…we also will…we are one. “When my heart was never open (and my spirit never free) To the world that you have shown me But my eyes could not division All the colours of love and of life ever more Evermore” When the people finally become awaken to what they have taken granted for all their lives….when they start to see life from within, feel it…they will realize what beauty surrounds us…and then they will realize just how much they want it… forevermore and be in peace with it…as one.
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I see you
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