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 Spiritual connection with the earth

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PostSubject: Spiritual connection with the earth   Tue Jun 08, 2010 4:35 pm

The truth of it all.We Are All One Consciousness. We are all joined together. We all come from the same entity, from the beginning of all time. Until people start to realize this we will always be kept divided amongst ourselves. we will let others continue to divide us through hate for one another. when in reality one who hates another for nothing more than just hate for being different as they are or what they believe they are. is in actual fact, hating themselves. There is only ONE God and we are all of him. So how can it be possible that we are different from one another. They can only see what stands before them, only with their eyes but nothing else. They can not see from within themselves, because if they could all differences they saw with only their eyes would no longer exist. They would leave the world of illusions and start living in the world of reality and becoming one with all that surrounds us.

Love can end all hate in our world if we only gave it a chance.
There is no Race other than the human race.
There is no one religion, there is only one God.
Take the hate out of each others hearts and
put the love back where it belongs.
See each other for how they are, not from the
outside but that from within. we all come from one
God, so inturn we are all but one.
We need to put love back into the world, before
the hate rules us all.
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Spiritual connection with the earth
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